Global Leasing

Offices around the world? CSI has you covered.

Creating a consistent technology plan worldwide can be challenging. Financing that plan shouldn’t be. Choosing a lessor that can fund your project on a global scale will help give you a consistent, efficient and financially smart way to manage equipment worldwide.

From Toronto to Hong Kong, Milan to São Paulo, CSI offices span the globe. With the ability to lease in more than 36 countries, we are well-equipped to handle your international equipment leasing needs.

And our global master lease gives you an easy way to manage your international lease program. Depending on your structure, you may be able to coordinate all of your leases around the world from one office. Additional advantages of leasing with CSI on a global scale:

  • One single point of contact to help manage all of your leases globally
  • Consistent terms and conditions for all of your subsidiaries and affiliates
  • One single login to access asset details around the world

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