Data Security

Protecting your data.

Protecting data is essential. Data security is not only important while equipment is in use, but also long after it’s been retired. Improper data sanitization can expose you to legal, financial and PR risks. How do you protect information on outdated equipment? Simply deleting it is not enough.

When you lease with CSI, you have a built-in data security program in place for equipment that is no longer in use. Our strict processes help you meet the highest standards and regulations and, best of all, give you peace of mind.

The following steps outline our data security program:

STEP 1: Upon arrival, returned equipment is moved directly into a secure cage with limited employee access.

STEP 2: Within this secure cage, hard drives on all PCs, notebooks and Intel-based servers are sanitized. Any drives that fail to wipe clean are fully destroyed.

STEP 3: A verification certificate for each serial number is provided for your records.

All equipment returns are processed in-house by CSI EPC Canada, at one of our nine North American locations. By handling returns ourselves, we can provide a consistently high level of service without the markups, problems and insecurities of having a third party involved.

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